Wicklow Mountains Pt.1, Autosportmods

Wicklow Mountains Pt.1

Version: v1

Author: Jake Grafton

Origin: Scratch

REQUIRED: GrassFX — please enable this, option in Custom Shaders Patch settings, with Medium or better. (You can run without it, but it will look terrible.)
The Wicklow Mountains are located 30 kilometers south of Dublin. This track of real roads represents a small portion of it.
I have created layouts for the full track and have split the track in to 4 sections. It is realistically very narrow in places (especially section 4) and has some very tight, low-speed turns.
Section 2 and 3, in the mountains, are very open and have very little trackside objects for reference. Also, there are large drainage ditches that will eat your wheels. This area can be very difficult and frustrating if you’re not patient.

It has no AI or cameras (at least not yet). It’s too narrow to race anyway — it’s best for time-trial/rally runs.

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