Subaru Impreza WRX (GD) Tuned, Autosportmods

Subaru Impreza WRX (GD) Tuned

Version: v1.2

Author: aphidgod

Origin: Scratch

Finally, after five years of work & trying to get a release together for at least the last three, it’s ready. This is the Assetto Corsa incarnation of my real-life daily driver/project car. I bought the car secondhand in 2010 and left it alone for the three years it remained under warranty. At one point the front control arms were recalled by Subaru over rust concerns and I decided to just go ahead and replace them with aluminum arms from the STI. At that point it became a “project car,” then some stuff happened, and six years and ~$30,000 later, this is the result.

The build itself is quite extensive but I tried to do it all in a way that left the car with as much of its road manners as possible. The exhaust is the quietest 3″ system on the market, it has a cat, the springs are only about 15mm lower than stock and I’ve done nothing to the lighting or the bodywork. It’s a bit of a sleeper… but when it wakes up angry, it means business.

*** Please use CSP version 1.52 or higher to be sure everything works as expected. We did all of the development on 1.52 for what that’s worth.

@aphidgod – Owner, physics, project lead
@A3DR – 3D model, livery, visuals
@elMariachi90 – Sound design

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