Scandinavian Chevrolet Camaro Cup, Autosportmods

Scandinavian Chevrolet Camaro Cup

ASM presents the Scandinavian Chevrolet Camaro Cup, originally seen in STCC – Swedish Touring Car Championship game by Simbin.

Between 1994-1998 the series was dominated by Thomas Engström, winning five driver’s titles.
The first cars of the current generation of Camaro Cup cars took to the track in 1999. The old cars were phased out during 2000, when two classes (one with the new cars and one with the old cars) was run. Some of the old cup cars later found a new home in the V8 Challenge championship organized by the Swedish Long-distance Championship (SLC). During 2000 the series was called Super Stock Racing.

Camaro Cup had for several years run as a support series to the Swedish Touring Car Championship, but in 2004 it was axed and was forced to return to its SSK roots.

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Scandinavian Chevrolet Camaro Cup, Autosportmods

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