Midfield Raceway, Autosportmods

Midfield Raceway

Version: v0.6

Author: psy185

Origin: Scratch

I recreated one of my favorite tracks from the Gran Turismo series. Although I have the best memories of it from GT2, I tried building it the way it is in GT6 for a more modern look.


  • 3,5 km track
  • 20 pits
  • AI
  • GT6 billboards or F1 skin
  • TV cameras

Recently I learned using Blender a bit and I decided to finally start this project. It’s a lot of work and I would rather take my time and never finish it, than rushing it and get it wrong. So for now don’t expect a polished track, but it’s already pretty fun in my opinion.

First I started converting crdriver63’s track from rFactor 1, but I decided to start from scratch, as this would make my life in blender easier (so I can now work with beziers and stuff, instead of a converted fbx).

I didn’t plan to release it in this state because I think many people will only download a track once and never update it (yes I’m guilty), but I will probably stop working on it for the next few months due to personal reasons… So I decided more people than just the few forum users can already enjoy it for a while.
But I still have big plans for the track and plan to continue building and improving it in the future.
Of course I will do some big fixing though, if anything pops up.

Download the newest version of the track and extract it to your “…/AC/content/tracks” folder (there should be no version number in the folder name).
Or simply Drag&Drop it to Content Manager and click install, if you use it.

Download Mod

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