Jordan-Honda EJ11 F1, Autosportmods

Jordan-Honda EJ11 F1

Version: v1

Author: SATLAB90

Origin: Scratch

The vehicle has a Honda RA001E 3.0l v10 engine (over 800bhp), 7 speed gearbox and a very high downforce profile.

What’s in this mod:

  • Accurate 3D model based on the early season carshape
  • 4 different activatable visual aerodynamic parts:​
    • Front high downforce configuration​
    • Rear high downforce configuration​
    • Nosecam​
    • Monaco body wing (used irl during FP)​
  • Animated wings and suspensions​
  • All the 2001 jordan car skins:​
    • Tobacco (Benson & Hedges)​
    • No Tobacco (Bitten Heroes)​
    • USA 9/11 tribute​
    • Jean Alesi 200GP​

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