Ford Mustang RTR 1966, Autosportmods

Ford Mustang RTR 1966

Version: v0.99

Author: gmbrowser

Origin: Scratch

This is my first car release. Its currently not a v1, but v0.95. That means it is not perfect, and require work to complete it. 2 major items requiring fixes would be to get working wipers and better driver animation. I am sure there are other updates that will come in rapid success and I would appreciate the community to participate in these updates. All I ask is version control. I put the version number in for a reason. If you update, either send it to me to release, or update the version.

I added many features and small easter eggs into the car to discover. You will over time as you drive it. You will discover a small thing here and there and I hope you appreciate the time and effort that went into a project like this.

There are many options I added into the model for quick removal. The safety net is a simple example.

I started this project as a way to give back to the community. I also started this project to appeal to the people who keep their mods private, to share. I have seen too many people hold onto their work, but show it off as a trophy, just for them to enjoy. Yet, I see the same people enjoy all the other free mods everyone else shares. That to me goes against the spirit of this forum and many others who share freely and have us all enjoy this hobby and collectables.

Update log:
Working Wipers – Thanks to flyingsaucer
AO Skin Mapping – Bonny and others for teaching me to do it
New Driver (60’s) – Thanks to Júlio Sousa for recommendation
Updated FFB – Thanks to John D Rippert for recommendation
New Driver Animation – Thanks to Masscot for guidance and suggestions
A few internal adjustments like better roof liner details and gear level. Removed safety net.
Updated suspension and height settings
Fixed up collider dimensions.

I want to thank a few folks I got inspiration from:

Henrique Drifter
Caesar Skins – One of the best skin artists
Iroc Bradshaw – Great Photographer
@filemissing for his incredible discord channel
GTP community for their support
Race Department for their incredible resource
All those who share freely and make this hobby fun

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