Datsun Sunny B110 Coupe, Autosportmods

Datsun Sunny B110 Coupe

Author: Dazzer and Digital Apex

Origin: Mix

This is the W.I.P version that will update over time.
The next update will be when new information is available for new materials.
Along with that comes a much more immersive new interior.

A special thanks to Digital Apex Modding who gave us their model for made for originally RF1. This car was kept for many years in storage, but it finally sees the light of day to the public. It must be remembered that it is a W.I.P version, for version 1.0 we will see new things that better represent the car.

Original Body Model: Digital Apex Modding Team
3D and configuration: DAZZERX
Physics: Lazza
Skins: Soramame, DAZZERX

Digital Apex Modding Team

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