BMW 320i STW-BTCC, Autosportmods


Version 0.5.1

Time has come! Initial release to get more feedback outside of our group, to help pushing these more forward. So we are bringing you are second car. Car is currently setup to be more safe, so it does understeer quite a bit, probably more then you would expect. Feel free to experiment with setups and share what you think

Work in progress !!! lot of things are not done yet
Early cockpit with no textures
LODs are not yet made for this car, will come later on
Temp driver animation

model, texturing & shaders by Patrik Marek
physics by Abbo90 and Ben Lee
sound by ACFan
additional skins by PaulNLC, Madish, Iain Chandler

Every feedback is welcome, especially constructive. We would like to make these cars the best they can be.

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