Alfa Romeo 147 GTA, Autosportmods

Alfa Romeo 147 GTA

Version: v1.0

Author: SlowMotion

Origin: Conversion

CREDITS to original authors RSDG, converted for rFactor1 by Indiana(SRG) in the 2006, for the Alfa GT-R.

The mod has been re-developed in the physics by Chris “redapg” and Slow Motion, “moving” to the Alfa Romeo 2.0 GTA “Cup” class and adding also another class: the racing version of the 3.2lt road (In real life the Alfa Romeo started the project for a racing class powered by the 3.2lt, but never released it). 2D has been updated to IBL/PBR for older skins improving several details, adding also several new skins. Some data of the physics are “fantasy”, because of lack of official documentation.

15 years later I’m pleased to work on it for bringing another loved mod to rFactor2.
I did some research finding some data related to the GTA (also the road car) and the various races and championships, mainly organized by Peroni in those years.

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